Spa Treatments




The remarkable power of longevity of the orchid has inspired Guerlain this exceptional facial treatment, the most complete of all. The alliance of the aesthetic know-how of Guerlain with the efficiency of the products of the Orchidée Impériale range will offer you a moment of absolute wellbeing and visibly transform your skin by revealing its rediscovered youth. The exclusive Orchidée Impériale anti-aging massage, will act on the muscles of the face, neck, décolleté and the upper part of the back. Under the action of precise movements, the muscles are stimulated, the facial contours redefined.

Nourished with different masks, the skin is immediately smoothed thanks to the synergetic effect of the cream, the iconic product of the Orchidée Impériale range, and the high-technology of the new longevity Concentrate. All the signs of ageing are corrected more quickly and more intensely. The skin recovers a perfect finish: supple and velvety, with a natural glowing effect.


In two or three sublime hours, Guerlain invites you to discover the expertise of its Orchidee Imperiale face and body treatments. The anti-aging treatment is delivered with flawless efficiency maximizing sensorial pleasure to leave you with a feeling of complete well-being. With deep gestures which stimulate every muscle, the energising massage ensures cellular renewal process and procures an amazing feeling of firmness. Your body regains tone and definition. Your skin complexion will glow with a refined texture.

Abeille Royale

Wrinkle Correction, Firming Facial


Initiate your face to the high performance of this expert lifting and firming treatment that distils its infinite life source within the skin for a smoother and firmer face.

The initial microdermabrasion is followed by a special 6-minute massage with warm plant infusions to immediately purify the skin and stimulate the firming action. After an in-depth diagnosis, each wrinkle is targeted with the technical application of Abeille Royale Youth Serum. Born from the exceptional repairing power of bee products, this unique serum with pure Royal Concentrate promotes the key mechanisms of the healing process within the skin to help repair wrinkles and tissue firmness.

To enhance product absorption and efficiency, the face is massaged using the Guerlain method, and then entirely steeped in a serum bath under the new Abeille Royale mask. The result is immediate and visible: wrinkles are filled. The skin is tautened and regains all of its firmness and radiance.

Facial Treatments

Tailor-made Gems

Guerlain facial treatments are a union of highly advanced products, aesthetic expertise, and the most refined service tailored to your unique specifications.


Two hours of sheer bliss for a pure and radiant beauty. a deep cleansing combined with the exclusive 25-minute Guerlain facial massage and specialty mask as well as an active skincare concentrate strengthen and reveal greater texture and tone.


The exclusive 19-minute Guerlain facial massage with an active skin care concentrate and mask round off this deep cleansing facial therapy. The ultimate 90-minute revival for devitalized skin.


Achieve a fresh, clear and radiant complexion in one hour with this deep cleansing coupled with the exclusive 5-minute Guerlain facial massage and mask.

The ultimate in luxury and efficiency, Guerlain crafts each facial, adjusting the intensity of pressure according to the needs of your skin. the efficiency of the renowned Guerlain method is in each of the series of “touches”, perfected for unrivalled results.


Slimming Treatment

A melting pot of methods from the corners of the world, incorporating wrapping, rolling, kneading an in-depth treatment which opens up and frees the body in order to eliminate water and cellulite with amazing efficiency. Toxins are drained and the circulation of the blood improved. Thanks to Guerlain Perfect Curves Shaping Serum and Ultimate Body Remodeling Cream, the legs and hips feel lighter and the body is newly slender. An incredible feeling of lightness.


The very essence of body therapies, this complete programme combines the strengths of an invigorating Vichy Shower body polish, replenishing body wrap and customized skincare concentrate massage to sublimate the skin from head to toe in a haven of luxury and voluptuous pleasure.


An invigorating water massage and rejuvenating body polish transport you to a total state of relaxation. Coupled with a hydrating treatment, this therapy leaves your skin healthy, refined and as soft as silk.


Experience a sublime sense of well-being during this deep steam cleansing of the back that purifies, hydrates and revitalizes your skin.


Sensorial Journeys

Enjoy one of our marvelous sensorial journeys. Adapted to your wishes and needs, our holistic treatments will make your senses travel. Discover the revitalizing effect of sparkling citrus fruits and fresh grass in this Stimulating Sensorial Journey. Firm, rapid and strong movements stimulate the energy flow. You feel refreshed and a divine sensation of lightness.

This Relaxing Sensorial Journey evokes the soothing effect of lazing about on the beach, where scents of sun and the sand smells merge together. Soft, slow and harmonious movements caress your face and body for immediate relaxation. You feel a sense of escape and serenity. Travel to the sensuality of orient thanks to the Enveloping Sensorial Journey. The smooth curls of smoky incense transport you. Enveloping, slow and generous movements will sooth you. You feel peaceful and relaxed.

The Exalting Sensorial Journey transports you to the underbrush where nature reveals its mysteries and brings you back to authenticity. Firm, rapid and brisk movements release all tensions. You feel bold and self-confident.



This massage pays homage to the Eau de Cologne Impériale. Transporting you to an anti-stress cocoon, this multisensorial experience inspires complete calm, leaving you totally relaxed and invigorated. The imperial relaxing massage facilitates oxygenation, stimulates circulation and provides a profound sense of serenity.


Reshape and tone the body through deep relaxation. A powerful and sensorial ritual where the most solicited muscles are stimulated using techniques borrowed from the world’s five most powerful ancestral methods. Tensions are unraveled and muscles are reinforced for the long term.


Massage given after the first trimester of pregnancy or after birth alleviates discomfort and pain, improves skin elasticity and stimulates circulation.

The massages proposed are for the purpose of stress reduction, well-being and beauty. We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional for any medical examination.



An intense stretching programme and dynamic muscle movement to target wrinkles and activate microcirculation. The transformation is real and immediate- a complexion with rediscovered radiance, smoothed features, plumped cheeks and the eyebrow brow naturally lifted. With a surprising sensation that you have been massaged from your head… All the way to your toes.


For three blissful hours, Guerlain addresses all your needs, cocooning you in tranquility with a revitalizing facial, body massage, manicure or pedicure. Emerge replenished in a state of complete serenity – a whole new you.